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Welcome to our site !!!.This site is intended to show and emphasize the plenty of nice things of the Republic of Colombia. Colombia is that wonderful country in South America full of nice people, plenty of natural resources, and spectacular nature diversity . You are invited to visit this site and enjoy the wonders, the other look of COLOMBIA. Colombia is Wonderful

Colombian Emblem COLOMBIA has been, for a great number of years, the country which produces the best mild coffee in the world. Colombia's emeralds are praised as the world's most valuable emeralds. And, how about Colombian flowers or the pre-Columbian treasures of its Gold Museum. Colombia has outstanding people in all kinds of fields: writers, scientists, artists, athletes, industrialists, entrepreneurs. Colombian men and women are hard working people with family oriented values.

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Colombian flag colors on illuminated building in Miami Colombian flag colors on illuminated building in Miami

Miami building pictures are a fine courtesy of Juan Fernando Blanco Hernández.

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